Real Estate Due Diligence Class, Summer 2020

Subject Matter:  Real Estate Due Diligence
Date: November 29, 2022 4:32 am

Module 1

Intro to Real Estate Due Dilligence

Recorded Class 1

State of Retail Industry

Module 2

Status of Industrial Market

Status of the Economy with Brian Hyde

Recorded Class 2

Module 3

Recorded Class 3

Title & Survey - Anna Irons

Title & Survey Review with Lance

Title Fundamentals

Module 4

Recorded Class 4

Russell Hamblin

Environmental Due Diligence

Environmental Covenant


No Further Action Letter

Geotech Report

Module 5

Recorded Class 5

Entitlement Discussion

Entitlement Procedures

NTL NWQ Aerial with Rail

Syracuse ALTA

Syracuse Phase 1 Industrial Park

Toole Aerial SE

Typical Waste

Module 6

Recorded Class 6

Purchase Agreement

Purchase Agreement Slides


Form Lease

Form PSA

Handout - Real Estate Leasing Overview

Module 7

Recorded Class 7

Engineers' Perspective on Due Diligence


Land Use Reg - Chapter 5

Land Use Reg - Chapter 7

Module 8

Recorded Class 8

Construction & Cost Estimation

Module 8

Common Borrower Mistakes

Financing and Satisfying Lending Conditions

Module 10

Recorded Class 10

Overall Due Diligence Discussion

Module 11

Resolving Disputes, Closing the Deal and Exit Strategies

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