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Hi, I'm Lance Dunkley

Welcome to DunkleyCRE! I’m the Vice President of Real Estate at Maverik, Inc. I have the best job in the world! I get to help build the coolest convenience experience on the planet. I run a full-service development team, purchasing or leasing land, entitling, designing and constructing our convenience stores. I am also an adjunct professor at the University of Utah in the MRED program, currently teaching Commercial Leasing and Real Estate Due Diligence. I have also taught Real Estate Site Selection. Prior to starting with Maverik I was a real estate attorney for ten years, first in New York, then in Utah. 

I am a self-professed real estate geek. I love real estate! That is the purpose of DunkleyCRE. It houses my thoughts and study on the various topics related to commercial real estate. The content is primarily in the form of podcasts, videos and blog posts. I am the primary audience of the content of DunkleyCRE. I am also solely responsible for the contents of DunkleyCRE. If there are any mistakes, they are mine, and mine alone. If you derive benefit from this website, I am very pleased.

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